We call for a GENERAL STRIKE


Organizing Meeting: 11/21 @ 5:30 PM at the UCSC Graduate Student Commons (In Quarry Plaza above Cafe Iveta)

We Demand:

  1. California Become A Sanctuary State: No cooperation with immigration marshals, No sharing the names of our community members. In Santa Cruz, UCSC, Cabrillo, and the City must affirm genuine sanctuary status.
  2. Free Higher Education Across California. We will build a healthy society in spite of the state.

This is a call to solidarity, to caring, defense, organizing, and action.

Workers and students join together. Walk out of schools, step off the job and out of our homes, gather and march. This is the beginning. It is time for new tools and visions of care as we say no to racist vigilante violence, no to bigotry, no to Trump, no to the rotten capitalist system that birthed him.

The election of Trump is a referendum on the failure of the democratic party, the two-party system and the basic structures of our representative democracy. But just as urgent, Trump is endorsed by the KKK, and for clear reasons. Do we want our children to remember us as the next wave of accommodation to white supremacy?
We strike against the Trump administration and declare four years of noncompliance.

*       *       *

General Strikes were once the most powerful tool of working people. Here, the whole community shows its love and care – we make the streets our commons. It’s time to revive the tradition. Refusing our labor is an act of solidarity with those among us threatened by Trump’s vigilantes; an act of courage that directly attacks the system that nurtured Trump’s rise to fame and power; and an important way to bring lots of us together to build community strength. A strike means we refuse to work and instead come together to protest, sing, eat, and organize.

Organize to shut down the city of Santa Cruz. Organize in the schools, unions, community centers, houses of worship, among parents, workers, the un-homed, environmentalists, immigrants, queers, people of color, neighborhood groups. Organize old folks, youth, children, everyone!! Bring your bodies, your art, your hope and rage, your friends and families, and your inspiration – help us make Jan 20th the start of a new way to be together.

We must strike! We Don’t Want A Different President, We Want Everything!

Santa Cruz General Strike Organizing Committee



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