What the Posters Mean

The General Strike posters all over Santa Cruz are an indication of a business’s public support for the General Strike. Businesses with posters have agreed not to penalize their workers for participating in the strike. This is non-negotiable! Optionally, it is also an indication of the intent to donate or close their doors on January 20. If you would like a poster to indicate your support, and if you agree to not penalize your workers for participating, please contact us at scgeneralstrike <at> gmail <dot> com.

Cafe Delmarette*
Miss Mae’s House of Beauty*
Midtown Cafe*
Hidden Peak* ** (partially closing, will donate tea to strikers)
India Joze** (donating kitchen space to strikers)
Stripe & Stripe Men
Moon Zoom
Logos Books & Records
Salon on the Square
Hart’s Fabric
* Will be closing or partially closing on January 20
** Will donate goods, services, or space